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305 matches...
Scientific Name Familiy Name Common English Name Indigenous China Thailand Cambodia Vietnam occurance Other Origin Use Parts Used Type Life Form Priority species Pictures
Acacia megaladena var. indochinensis Leguminosae     Vegetables Leaf   no priority species  
Achras zapota L. Sapotaceae Sapodilla   Yucatan and possibly other nearby parts of southern Mexico, as well as northern Belize and northeastern Guatemala Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Acrocephalus indicus Lamiaceae Acrocephalus SE Asia Vietnam Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Flower Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Grass no priority species  
Acrocomia aculeata  Arecaceae Grugru Palm, Maca?ba Palm, Coyol Palm, and Macaw Palm    Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages    no priority species 
Actinidia spp. Actinidiaceae Chinese gooseberry   Asia Fruits/Nuts Forage and browse Forest trees Fruit Flower Leaf Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Tree in China: 
Aeglos marmelos sqoamosa/reticulata Rutaceae Bael, Bel Fruit SE Asia South Vietnam, India, China Grows wild in dry forests in the Indian Peninsula, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Leaf perennial Tree no priority species 
Aerva sanguinolenta Amaranthaceae red oenamental plant   Vietnam, India, China, Laos, Cambodia Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf annual Grass no priority species  
Allium ascalonium L.  Alliaceae onion   Thailand, SE Asia Vegetables Roots/Tubers Leaf Root/Tuber annual Root/Tuber no priority species 
Allium cepa L.  Liliaceae Onion, Red onion - shalot    Vegetables Leaf annual Root/Tuber no priority species  
Allium fistulosum L. Liliaceae Onion leaf    Vegetables Leaf annual Root/Tuber no priority species  
Allium porrum L. Alliaceae Garlic   Mediterranean region, Thailand, SE Asia Vegetables Industrial/Construction Leaf Root/Tuber Whole annual Root/Tuber no priority species 
Allium ramosum L. Alliaceae Onion   China Vegetables Flower annual Grass no priority species  
Allium sativum L. Liliaceae Garlic    Vegetables Leaf annual Root/Tuber no priority species  
Allium tuberosum Rottler ex Sprengler Liliaceae Chinese chives    Vegetables Leaf annual Root/Tuber no priority species  
Allospondias lakonensis (Pierre) Stupf. Anacardiaceae Allospondias, Lingnan Mombin    Vietnam, China, Laos, Thailand Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds perennial Tree no priority species  
Alocasia spp. Araceae Big taro, CallaLily, ArumLily, GoldCalla    tropic, subtropic Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber Whole perennial Grass Root/Tuber no priority species 
Alpinia galanga (L.) Wild Zingiberaceae Greater galangal   unknown Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber perennial Root/Tuber no priority species 
Alpinia officinarum Hance Zingiberaceae ginger for dogmeat, Galangal   Vietnam, India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and other Southeast countries  Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Grass no priority species 
Amaranthus sp. Amaranthaceae Amaranth, Amaranth ( red ), Amaranth ( white)    Vegetables Leaf annual Shrub no priority species  
Amarantus spinosus Amaranthaceae Spiny Amaranth   Tropical America Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction(colouring) Leaf Grain/Seeds Stem/Bark Root/Tuber annual Shrub no priority species  
Amomum spp. Zingiberaceae Amomum    Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages  perennial Grass no priority species 
Ampelopsis cantoniensis  Vitaceae Tea    Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf  Shrub no priority species  
Anacardium occidentale Anacardiaceae cashew  SE Asia Brazil, North-Eastern Brazil Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Flower Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree in Camb: in China:  
Ananas comosus (L.) Merr. Bromeliaceae Pineapple   South America Fruits/Nuts Fruit Leaf annual Shrub no priority species 
Andrographis paniculata Acanthaceae Kariyat , India Echinacea, Chiretta, Chirayta, Creat, Green chiretta, Indian chinetta, King of bitters   India and Sri Lanka Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages  Leaf Root/Tuber annual Shrub no priority species 
Anethum graveolens L. Apiaceae Anethum Graveolens, Dill   Southeast and Central Asia, South Europe Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds annual Grass no priority species  
Annona muricata Annonaceae Brazilian pawpaw, Prickly custard apple, Soursap (Sierra Leone), Soursapi (Sierra Leone), Soursop SE Asia tropic America Indigenous to the tropical highlands of Peru and Ecuador. Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Annona reticulata Annonaceae Bullock's heart, Bull's heart, Common custard apple , Custard apple, Jamaica apple, Netted custard apple, Sweetsop.  SE Asia tropic America Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Annona squamosa L.  Annonaceae cherimoya, Custard-apple, Sugar-apple, Sweetsop.  SE Asia tropic America Peru and Ecuador Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Grain/Seeds Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk. Thymelaeaceae  Aloe wood    Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages,Forest trees Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Arachis hypogaea Fabaceae Peanut   South America Legumes Grain/Seeds annual Shrub in Camb:  
Areca catechu Palmae betelnut  SE Asia India, Malaysia, SE Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Artocarpus altilis Moraceae Bread fruit tree   Indonesia, New Guinea, Malay Peninsula and western Pacific islands Fruits/Nuts Industrial/Construction Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Artocarpus heterophyllus Moraceae jackfruit India Indigenous to and in the past grew wild in the rain forests of the Western Ghats, India. Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Artocarpus integer (Thumb.) Merr. Moraceae     Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Artocarpus sp.  Moraceae Artocarpus, Jackfruit SE Asia Vietnam Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Asparagus officinalis Liliaceae Asparagus   world Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Grass no priority species 
Averrhoa carambola Oxalidaceae Star Fruit carambola SE Asia SE Asia native to Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia Some authors seek the oringin in tropical America (Brazil), Most authors suppport the South-East Asia orinin. Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Flower Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Azadirachta indica Adr. Juss Meliaceae Neem Leaves (Margosa)   Burma, India, Pakistan,Southern Asia, Thailand Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Flower Leaf perennial Tree no priority species 
Baccaurea ramiflora Lour. Euphorbiaceae Burmese grape   Asia Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Bariena lupuline     Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages    no priority species  
Basella alba  Basellaceae Ceylon Spinach    tropic Asia Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Whole annual Grass Climber no priority species 
Basella rubra L. Basellaceae Ceylon Spinach    tropic Asia Vegetables Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Leaf annual Climber no priority species  
Belamcanda chinensis Iridaceae Chinese Belameanda, Blackberry lily   Vietnam, India, China, Korea, Japan, Laos, Philippine Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds perennial Grass no priority species 
Benicasa hispida Cucurbitaceae winter melon   SE Asia Southeast Asia Vegetables Fruits/Nuts Fruit Leaf annual Grass no priority species  
Bixa orellana Bixaceae Annatto roucou   The tropical region of American continent  Industrial/Construction Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Borassus aethiopicum Arecaceae Sugar palm   India Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Borassus flabellifer Arecaceae Palmyra Palm   southern Asia and southeast Asia Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Flower perennial Tree no priority species  
Bouea burmanica Griffith Anacardiaceae Golden plum    Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Brassica campestris L.  Brassicaceae chinese mustard   China, Vietnam Vegetables Leaf annual Grass no priority species  
Brassica gongylodes Brassicaceae Kohlrabi   Mediterranean region Vegetables Leaf annual Grass no priority species  
Brassica juncea (L.)  Brassicaceae  mustard greens, Indian mustard and leaf mustard   foothills of the Himalaya Vegetables,Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds Leaf Root/Tuber annual Grass no priority species 
Brassica oleracea L. cv. Group Cauliflower Cruciferae Chinese Kale    Vegetables LeafStem/Bark annual Grass no priority species  
Brassica oleracea L. cv. Group White headed Cabbage  Cruciferae Cabbage    Vegetables LeafStem/Bark annual Grass no priority species  
Brassica oleraceae L. cv. Group Cauliflower Cruciferae Cauliflower    Vegetables LeafStem/Bark annual Grass no priority species  
Buddleja officinalis Maxim. Buddlajaceae  Buddleja, Buddleia   China Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Flower perennial Shrub no priority species  
Butyrospermum paradoxum Sapotaceae sheanut    Medicinal Leaf, stem bark, root bark, fruits and seeds   no priority species 
Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp Fabaceae Pigeon pea   India Legumes Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forage and browse Grain/Seeds Leaf Whole annual perennial Shrub in China:  
Calamus merillii Arecaceae Wai   Thailand, SE Asia Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Flower Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Shrub no priority species  
Calamus sp. Arecaceae Rattan    Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Flower Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Shrub in Thailand: 
Camellia sinensis (L.)O.Kuntze Theaceae Tea   eastern and southern Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf perennial Shrub no priority species 
Cananga odorata var.odorata Annonaceae Ylang Ylang ?   Asia  Industrial/Construction Flower perennial Tree no priority species  
Canarium album Burseraceae Chinese White Olive  SE Asia Vietnam, China, Lao, Cambodia Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Stem/Bark perennial Tree in China:   
Canarium pimela Burseraceae Black Olive  SE Asia South China Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Canarium spp.  Burseraceae Pilinut Dhup, White Dhup (India), Kedondong (Malaya), Merdongdong (Indonesia), Pagsahingin (Philippines), Kaunicina-Kaunigai (Fiji islands).  SE Asia southeastern Asia Digenous to the Philippines (Bicol region; also in other parts of the country, mainly as a venue tree) tropic and subtropic area Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Forest trees Fruit Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Canarium tramdenum Dai & Yakovl. Anacardiaceae  Chinese black-olive?   tropical Africa and southern Asia  Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Canavalia spp. Leguminosae Sword Bean   China, Southeast Asia, India Legumes Vegetables Forage and browse Fruit Grain/Seeds Whole annual perennial Grass no priority species  
Canna edulis  Cannaceae Edible canna   South america Legumes Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forage and browse Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Grass no priority species  
Capsicum annuum Solanaceae Chili   South America Vegetables Fruit annual Grass no priority species  
Capsicum frutescens var. longum Solanaceae Chilli    Vegetables Fruit annual Grass no priority species  
Carica papaya Caricaceae Papaya, tree melon SE Asia tropic America Indigenous to tropical America and the papaya must have originated from natural hybridization. Srilanca, Estern Africa Vegetables Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Tree no priority species 
Carthamus tinctorius  Asteraceae Dawk-khumphoi (safflower)   Egypt Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds Flower annual Shrub no priority species 
Carya cathayensis Juglandaceae carya Chinese hickory SE Asia China China and Indochina Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Forest trees Fruit Grain/Seeds Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Ceiba pentandra Bombacaceae Ngesw Bann (Kapok tree)   South America, Central America, Karibik Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Cerasus avium Rosaceae     Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Cerasus spp. Rosaceae cherries   world Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Ceratonia siliqua Fabaceae Carob tree , caroubier   Mediterranean region Legumes Vegetables Grain/Seeds perennial Tree no priority species  
Chenopodium album  Amaranthaceae Fat Hen; white goosefoot, lamb's quarters, lambsquarters, or dungweed   Himalaja Cereal/Pseudocereal Legumes Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forage and browse Leaf Grain/Seeds Flower annual Grass no priority species 
Chenopodium quinoa Amaranthaceae quinoa   Andean region of South America Cereal/Pseudocereal Grain/SeedsLeaf annual  no priority species  
Chrysanthemum spp. Compositae Merigold , Garland chrysanthemum   mediterranean Vegetables Leaf annual Grass no priority species  
Chrysophyllum cainito L. Sapotaceae Milk fruit   West Indies, spread early over tropical America Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Chukrasia tabularis Meliaceae Chittagong wood Chickrassy   Vietnam, India, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.  Industrial/Construction Forest trees Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Cibotium barometz Thyrsopteridaceae Cibotium, Lamb of Tartary SE Asia SE Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Whole annual Tree no priority species  
Cinnamomum cassia Presl Lauraceae  Cinnamon tree    Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forage and browse Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Citrullus colocynthis  Cucurbitaceae Bitter apple, Wild gourd    Medicinal Fruit   no priority species 
Citrullus lanatus (Thunberg) Matsum. & Nakai Cucurbitaceae Watermelon   Originated from drier, open areas of tropical and Subtropical Africa. Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Grain/Seeds annual Climber no priority species 
Citrus aurantifolia (Christm. & Panzer) Swingle Rutaceae Lime  SE Asia allien Northern India, part of Burma, Northern Malaysia Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Citrus grandis and other citrus Rutaceae pomelo, shaddock SE Asia Sourtheast Asia, Vietnam, India, China Legumes Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Flower Leaf perennial Shrub Tree in Camb: Citrus_grandis1.jpg Citrus_grandis2.jpg 
Citrus ichangensis Rutaceae Lemon, Citrus, Yichang orange   China Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Citrus limon Rutaceae lemon  alien  Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Citrus limonia Rutaceae Lemon (small)   South Asia Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Citrus maxima (Burm.) Merr. Rutaceae Pummelo  SE Asia America Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Citrus medica Rutaceae Big lemon   South Asia Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree in China: 
Citrus reticulata (Blanco) Rutaceae orange Mandarin  many cultivars South Asia Indo China Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck Rutaceae Orange  many cultivars Border between China and Vietnam South China Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Citrus x paradisi Macf. Rutaceae Grapefruit    Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Citrus?aurantium Rutaceae Orange, lime  many cultivars SE Asia Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Clausena cambodiana Rutaceae Curry leaf   Vietnam, Cambodia, India,Sri Lanka      no priority species  
Clausena lansium (Lour.) Skeels Rutaceae Clausena, Wampi SE Asia India, China, Vietnam, Laos Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Tree no priority species  
Cleome gynandra Capparidaceae African cabbage   Southeast Asia, China, India, Thailand Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf Grain/Seeds Whole annual Shrub no priority species  
Coccinia grandis Voigt Cucurbitaceae Ivy ground , Ivy gourd, Scarlet gourd, Scarlet-fruited gourd, Kowai fruit.   Vietnam, Thailand, the South of China, India, Africa, and Central America Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Climber no priority species 
Cocos nucifera L. Palmae Coconut    Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Whole perennial Tree in Camb: 
Coffea (L.) Rubiaceae Coffee   Aethiopia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds perennial Shrub no priority species  
Coix lachryma jobi Poaceae Luak Duai (Job?s tears) big area in China?  SE Asia Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forage and browse Grain/Seeds annual Shrub Grass no priority species  
Colocasia antiquorum Schott Araceae  Taro     Cereal/Pseudocereal Vegetables Leaf Root/Tuber annual Root/Tuber in Vietnam:  
Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott Araceae dasheen Taro   tropic Asia South-East Asia or Southern Central Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forage and browse Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber Stem/Bark Whole annual Grass Root/Tuber in Camb: 
Colocasia gigantea Araceae Big taro   Vietnam, India, China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia     no priority species  
Corchorus spp.  Tiliaceae? Cochorus   world Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Leaf Stem/Bark annual perennial Grass no priority species 
Cordyline fruticosa Agavaceae medidial plants   tropical southeastern Asia, Papua New Guinea, northeastern Australia and across Polynesia to Hawaii.  Leaf Root/Tuber   no priority species 
Coriandrum sativum Umbelliferae Perfume coriandrum,Coriander Herb   mediterranean Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf Stem/Bark annual biennial Grass no priority species  
Couma utilis Apocynaceae milk tree    Fruits/Industry    no priority species  
Crambe cordifolia Brassicaceae colewort    Legumes Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages LeafRoot/Tuber annual  no priority species  
Cucumis melo L. Cucurbitaceae Melon    Fruits/Nuts Fruit annual Climber no priority species  
Cucumis sativus L. Cucurbitaceae Cucumber   India Fruits/Nuts Fruit annual Climber no priority species  
Cucurbita pepo Cucurbitaceae Pumpkin   Mexico Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf annual Climber in Vietnam: 
Cuphea spp.  Lythraceae Cuphea        no priority species 
Curcuma spp.  Zingiberaceae Curcuma   SE Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber  Root/Tuber no priority species 
Curcurbita moschata (lam.) Duch. ex Poir. Cucurbitaceae Pumpkin   Central Mexico is considered the centre of origin Vegetables Fruit Grain/Seeds Flower Leaf annual biennial Climber no priority species  
Cyamopsis Leguminosae Cyamopsis, guar bean, siam bean, cluster bean   India, Pakistan Legumes Forage and browse Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Leaf Grain/Seeds Whole annual  no priority species  
Cymbopogon citratus Poaceae lemongrass   SE Asia Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Grass in Camb:  
Cynara scolymus Compositae? Cynara, artichoke   mediterranean Vegetables Flower perennial Grass no priority species  
Cyperus cyperoides (L.) Kuntze Cyperaceae  -        Grass no priority species  
Daucus carota L. Umbelliferae Carrot   Europe and southwestern Asia. Vegetables Root/Tuber biennial Root/Tuber no priority species  
Dendrocalamus membranaceus Poaceae Bamboo   Vietna, India, Myamar, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia     no priority species  
Dimocarpus longan Sapindaceae longan, lungan, dragon eye  SE Asia South Asia Vietnam, China, India Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Grain/Seeds Flower Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Dioscorca persimilis Dioscoreaceae forest Yam SE Asia Vietnam Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Roots/Tubers Industrial/Construction Root/Tuber perennial Climber no priority species  
Dioscorea alata L. Dioscoreaceae Winged yam ( white flesh), Winged yam (purple flesh)   Sout-East Asia Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber perennial Climber no priority species 
Dioscorea brevipetiolata Dioscoreaceae Yam   Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber perennial Climber no priority species  
Dioscorea cirrhosa Dioscoreaceae Brown Yam SE Asia Vietnam Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber perennial Climber no priority species  
Dioscorea hispida Dennst Dioscoreaceae Yam SE Asia Vietnam Probably originated in the Far East but spread in early times in the Old and New World Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber perennial annual Climber Root/Tuber no priority species  
Dioscorea pentaphylla L. Dioscoreaceae Five leaved yam - Ginger yam Yam, wild yam, Chinese yam, Mexican yam    world Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Root/Tuber perennial Climber Root/Tuber no priority species  
Diospyros kaki Ebenaceae Kaki   Vietnam, China, Japan Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Tree in Vietnam:  
Dolichos lablab Fabaceae bean (Fabaceae)   Vietnam, China, Laos, (SE Asian) Legumes Grain/Seeds annual perennial Climber no priority species  
Dracaena angustiflora Ruscaceae red plant, against skin irritation   Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, New Guinea, Australia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Whole perennial Tree no priority species  
Drynaria fortunei Polypodiaceae fern SE Asia Vietnam Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber perennial Grass no priority species  
Durio zibethinus Bombacaceae Durian SE Asia The genus is native to South-East Asia and wild durian trees are found in Borneo and Sumatra Indonesien and Malaysia Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Tree in Camb:  
Echinochloa frumentacea/utilis Poaceae  millet, barnyard grass   Tropics Cereal/Pseudocereal Grain/Seeds annual Grass no priority species  
Elaeis guineensis Arecaceae Plam   West Africa, SE Asia  Industrial/Construction Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Elentherine subaphylla Iridaceae    Vietnam, Laos     no priority species  
Eleusine coracana Poaceae    Ethiopian Highlands Cereal/Pseudocereal Industrial/Construction Forage and browse Grain/Seeds Stem/Bark annual Grass no priority species  
Embilica officinalis Euphorbiaceae Amla fruit, Indian Gooseberry SE Asia Vietnam, India, Mianma, China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia Vegetables Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Leaf perennial Tree no priority species  
Emilia spp. Compositae? Emilia   world? Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Whole annual Grass no priority species  
Eriobotrya japonica Rosaceae loquat   Asia Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Forest trees Fruit Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree in China:  
Eryngium foetidum Apiaceae Chinese eryngium, Foetid Eryngo    Central America  Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf perennial Grass no priority species 
Euphorbia lagascae  Euphorbiaceae     Industrial  annual  no priority species  
Euphorbia sp. Euphorbiaceae cactus   Madagascar Industrial/Construction    no priority species  
Euryale ferox Nymphaeaceae foxnut, Gordon euryale   Asia Fruits/Nuts Forage and browse Grain/Seeds Root/Tuber Stem/Bark annual Grass no priority species  
Fagopyrum cymosum Polygonaceae perennial buckwheat   Vietnam, Nepal, India, China and some other Asian countries Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber perennial Root/Tuber no priority species  
Fagopyrum esculentum Polygonaceae  buckwheat yes, china  China Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forage and browse Grain/Seeds Whole annual Grass in China:  
Fallopia multiflora Polygonaceae Red fallopia, Fleeceflower root  SE Asia Vietnam, China, Japan Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber perennial Climber no priority species  
Ficus elastica Roxb.  Moraceae Ficus   India, Indonesia Fruits/Nuts Forest trees Fruit Whole perennial Tree no priority species  
Ficus fulva Reinw Moraceae  Ficus SE Asia India, China, Vietnam, Laos Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Leaf Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Ficus sp. Moraceae Ficus SE Asia Tropics Fruits/Nuts Fruit Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Foeniculum vulgare Umbelliferae fennel   mediterranean Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Leaf annual perennial Grass no priority species  
Fragaria ananassa Rosaceae strawberry   world Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Grass no priority species  
Garcinia mangostana Clusiaceae Mangosteen SE Asia Malaysia Sunda Islands and the Moluccas, Malaysia (May have oringinated in Penisular Malaysia) Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Grain/Seeds Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Garcinia mutiflora Champ Clusiaceae Garcinia SE Asia Vietnam, China, Cambodia Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Leaf perennial Tree no priority species  
Gloriosa superba Liliaceae Dong Dueng, Climbing-lily, Creeping-lily, Flame-lily, Gloriosa lily, Glory lily, Malabar glory lily, Superb lily, lily flower   trop. Afrika, trop. Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Climber no priority species 
Gossipium sp. Malvaceae Phai (Cotton)     Industrial/Construction Fruit annual Shrub in Thailand:  
Gynura crepidioides Benth Asteraceae Gynura, Hawksbeard velvetplat East Asia Vietnam Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf Root/Tuber annual Grass no priority species  
Gynura spp. Compositae Gynura   Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber perennial Grass no priority species  
Heleocharis dulcis Cyperaceae chufa 35 kha in China  Asia Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber perennial Grass no priority species  
Helianthus annuus Asteraceae Sunflower   America Cereal/Pseudocereal Grain/Seeds annual Shrub no priority species 
Hemerocallis citrina Liliaceae Daylilies 40 kha? in China many cultivars China? Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Flower Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Grass in China:  
Hevea brasiliensis Euphorbiaceae Rubber     Industrial/Construction Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Hibiscus cannabinus Malvaceae Phor Kyobar (Kenaf)   Probably from Southern Asia, Tropical Africa  Industrial/Construction Stem/Bark annual Shrub in Thailand: 
Hibiscus sabdariffa Malvaceae Phor Kaew (Kenaf)   Vietnam, India, Mianma, China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Angola, Africa  Industrial/Construction Stem/Bark annual Shrub in Thailand:  
Homalomena occulta Araceae Obscured Homalomena Rhizome East Asia Vietnam Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Grass no priority species  
Hordeum vulgare Poaceae Barley   Near East (Middle East) Cereal/Pseudocereal Grain/Seeds annual Shrub no priority species  
Hovenia dulcis Rhamnaceae Japanese Raisin Tree  SE Asia Asia, China Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf Stem/Bark Flower perennial Tree no priority species  
Hura crepitans Euphorbiaceae for fence and for sleeping    tropical regions of North and South America in Amazon Rainforest Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Hylocereus undatus Cactaceae Dragon fruit    Fruits Fruit   no priority species  
Hylocerus undatus Britt et Rosella Cactaceae Dragon fruit, like cactus   South America Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Shrub Climber no priority species  
Ipomoea aquatica Forsskai Convolvulaceae Water spinach   Vegetables Leaf Stem/Bark annual Shrub no priority species 
Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lamk Convolvulaceae Sweet potato  Central America or the Northern part of South America Cereal/Pseudocereal Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber Whole annual Grass in Camb: 
Jasminum subtriplinerve Blume Oleaceae  Tea    Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf perennial Shrub no priority species  
Jatropha curcas Euphorbiaceae Beans, Barbadosnut, Purging nut  trophic America Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Grain/Seeds perennial Shrub no priority species  
Jussiaea repens Onagraceae Water primrose   Vietnam, India, China, Korea, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippin, Australia Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Whole annual perennial Grass no priority species  
Justicia gendarussa Burm.f. Acanthaceae Gandarusa   Vietnam, India, China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Stem/Bark perennial Shrub no priority species  
Kaempferia galanga L. Zingiberaceae Wild ginger    Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Vegetables Root/Tuber perennial Root/Tuber no priority species  
Kalanchoe brossfeldiana Crassulaceae Kalanchoe   Madagascar Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf perennial Grass no priority species  
Lablab purpureus Leguminosae haricot bean   Africa Legumes Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Grain/Seeds Flower perennial Climber no priority species 
Lactuca indica L. Asteraceae Wild lettuce East Asia Vietnam, India, Myanmar, China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines. Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf annual biennial Grass no priority species  
Lactuca sativa Compositae lettuce   mediterranean Vegetables Leaf Stem/Bark annual biennial Grass no priority species 
Laempferia galanga L. Zingiberaceae Wild ginger   Vietnam, India, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber Whole perennial Root/Tuber Grass no priority species  
Lagenaria?siceraria Cucurbitaceae cucurbit  SE Asia tropic Africa Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit annual Climber no priority species  
Lathyrus spp. Leguminosae l.sativa: grass pea   world Legumes Forage and browse Whole annual perennial Grass no priority species  
Lesquerella fendleri  Brassicaceae bladder-pod    Industrial Seeds   no priority species  
Limnophila aromatica Scrophulariaceae  rice paddy herb  Southeast Asia, Australia Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages  Leaf Whole annual perennial Shrub no priority species  
Litchi chinensis Sapindaceae Lychee,Litchi many cultivars SE Asia The region between southern China, northern Vietnam and Malaysia. Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Grain/Seeds Flower Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Livistona cochinchinensis Arecaceae Palm for roof   Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines  Industrial/Construction Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Ilex kaushue S.Y.Hu  Aquifoliaceae  Bitter tea    Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Leaf perennial Tree in Vietnam:  
Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb. Cucurbitaceae Ridge gourd/ Angled loofah    Vegetables Fruit annual Climber no priority species  
Luffa cylindrica Cucurbitaceae Lufa, towel gourd   Tropics, India Legumes Vegetables Fruit annual Grass Climber no priority species  
Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. Solanaceae Tomato (local)    Vegetables Fruit perennial Shrub no priority species  
Malva crispa Malvaceae Curly Mallow China?  China Vegetables Leaf annual Grass no priority species  
Mangifera indica Anacardiaceae mango   SE Asia Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree in Vietnam: 
Manihot esculenta Crantz. Euphorbiaceae Cassava - Tapioca  Indigenous to tropical America  Industrial/Construction Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber perennial Shrub no priority species  
Maranta arundinacea L.  Marantaceae Arrow root  Indigenous in Central America (including the Caribbean area) and North South America with exclaves in Western Ecuador and in some of the interior Guiana savannas  Industrial/Construction Roots/Tubers Root/Tuber perennial Grass no priority species 
Mazus pumilus Scrophulariaceae Bitter vegetable East Asia Vietnam Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf annual Grass no priority species 
Melia azedarach Meliaceae Bastard cedar, Bead tree, Chinaberry, Persian lilac, Sichuan pagoda tree, Syringa berrytree, White cedar. East Asia SE Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forest trees Whole perennial Tree no priority species 
Melientha suavis Pierre  Opiliaceae  Melientha     Vegetables  perennial Tree no priority species  
Metroxylon sagu  Arecaceae Sago Palm   Indonesia, New Guinea Cereal/Pseudocereal Root/Tuber perennial Tree no priority species 
Momordica charantia L.  Cucurbitaceae Bitter gourd   It comprises about 45 species, mainly occuring in Africa and 5-7 species in Asia. Vegetables Fruits/Nuts Fruit annual Climber no priority species 
Momordica spp. Cucurbitaceae balsam pear   tropic Africa Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Root/Tuber Stem/Bark annual perennial Grass Climber no priority species  
Moringa oleifera Moringaceae? Drumstick leaf   India Vegetables Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Forest trees Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Tree no priority species  
Morus alba Moraceae Muberry   China Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Mucuna spp. Leguminosae Mucuna   tropic and subtropic area Legumes Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forage and browse Grain/Seeds Root/Tuber Stem/Bark annual perennial Climber no priority species  
Musa cvs.  Musaceae Banana, Green Banana, Sugar Banana, Yellow Banana    Fruits/Nuts Fruit Flower perennial Shrub in Camb:  
Musa uranoscopus Lour Musaceae banana   Vietnam, China Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Roots/Tubers Fruit Root/Tuber Flower perennial Grass no priority species  
Nelumbo nucifera Gaertner Nymphaeaceae Lotus x40 kha  Asia Vegetables Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Roots/Tubers Fruit Grain/Seeds Flower Leaf Root/Tuber annual perennial Grass no priority species 
Nephelium lappaceum Sapindaceae Rambutan SE Asia Vietnam, China Indonesia Untraceble becaue escapes from cultivation blur the oringinal distribution Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Grain/Seeds Flower Leaf Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Tree in Camb:  
Nervilia spp. Orchidaceae  Peper leaves     Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Flower perennial Climber no priority species  
Nymphoides indica Menyanthaceae Floating Heart  Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia Vegetables Leaf Root/Tuber annual perennial Grass no priority species  
Ocimum basilicum var.basilicum Lamiaceae basil   mediterranean Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Flower Leaf Stem/Bark Whole annual Grass no priority species  
Ocimum temiflorum L. Lamiaceae shampoo plant   Southeast Asia, China, India, Australia, Africa Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Leaf Grain/Seeds Whole perennial Grass no priority species  
Opuntia dilleni Cactaceae cactus   Tropical areas in America Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Roots/Tubers Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Grass Shrub no priority species  
Orthosiphon aristatus Lamiaceae  H'mong Vegetable, Cats whiskers   Asia, Australia Medicine Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Whole perennial Grass no priority species  
Orthosiphon sp. Lamiaceae Orthosiphon, Java tea   Southeast Asia, some parts of tropic Australia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Grass Shrub no priority species  
Pachyrhizus?erosus Leguminosae jicama   tropic America Legumes Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds Root/Tuber perennial Grass Root/Tuber no priority species 
Paederia scandens (Lour.) Merr. Rubiaceae Paederia, Chinese Fevervine Herb   Vietnam, India, China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and other tropical countries Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Stem/Bark perennial Climber no priority species  
Panax notoginseng Araliaceae     Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber perennial Grass no priority species  
Panax vietnamese Ha et Grushy  Araliaceae  Ngoc Ling ginseng     Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber perennial Root/Tuber in Vietnam:  
Panicum miliaceum Poaceae  millet   Asia? Cereal/Pseudocereal Industrial/Construction Forage and browse Grain/Seeds Leaf Whole annual Grass in China: 
Parthenium argentatum  Asteraceae Guayule   central and northern america, southwestern United States and northern Mexico  Industrial/Construction Flower perennial Shrub no priority species 
Paspalum scrobiculatum Poaceae Paspalum   North America Cereal/Pseudocereal Forage and browse Grain/Seeds Stem/Bark annual perennial Grass no priority species  
Passiflora edulis Passifloraceae Passion Fruit SE Asia Native of southern Brazil where it grows on the edges of rain forests. America Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Forage and browse Fruit Grain/Seeds Flower Leaf perennial Tree,Climber no priority species  
Perilla frutescens var.frutescens Lamiaceae Perilla   East asia Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf Stem/Bark annual Grass no priority species  
Peristrophe bivalvis ((L.) Merr. Acanthaceae  Peristrophe   warm temperate to tropical regions of Africa and Asia. Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages  perennial Tree no priority species  
Persea americana Miller Lauraceae Avocado   Chiapas-Guatemala-Honduras centre Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Phaseolus vulgaris L. Leguminosae Common bean   America (domesticated in Mexico, Peru and Colombia) Legumes Fruits/Nuts Grain/Seeds annual Grass no priority species  
Phyllanthus acidus (L.) Skeels Euphorbiaceae Otaheite Gooseberry    Fruits/Nuts Fruit Leaf perennial Tree no priority species  
Piper betle Piperaceae Bitter gourd, betel leaf   Malaysia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf perennial Climber no priority species 
Piper lolot Piperaceae Piper Lolot   Indochina Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf perennial Grass Climber no priority species 
Piper nigrum L. Piperaceae Black pepper   South India Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Climber in Camb:  
Pistacia sp. Anacardiaceae pistachio   to mountainous regions of central and southwestern Asia  Industrial/Construction Grain/Seeds Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Pithecellobium dulce (Roxb.) Benth Leguminosae Manila Tamarind   Mexico Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Plantago major Plantaginaceae Broadleaf Plantain, Cart Track Plant, Common Plantain, Dooryard Plantain, Greater Plantago, Healing Blade, Hen Plant, Lamb's Foot, Roadweed, Roundleaf Plantain, Waybread, Wayside Plantain, White Man's Foot    Europe, Northern and Central Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf perennial Grass no priority species 
Plectranthus amboinicus Lour. Labiatae Country borage    Vegetables Leaf perennial Grass no priority species  
Polygala?tatarinowii Polygalaceae lentil   SE Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Whole annual Grass no priority species  
Pouteria campechiana (Kunth.) Baehni Sapotaceae Persimmon (egg fruit)    Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Pouteria sapota Sapotaceae Egg fruit tree, mamey sapote   southern Mexico and northern South America Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Prunus armeniaca Rosaceae apricot   China Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Grain/Seeds perennial Tree no priority species 
Prunus mume Sieb. et Zucc. Rosaceae Myanmar plum??, Ume   China Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Flower perennial Tree no priority species  
Prunus persica Rosaceae peach   China Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Prunus salicina Rosaceae Plum East Asia Template region & SE Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Psidium guajava Myrtaceae? Guava, Apple Guava SE Asia South America Vietnam, China tropical America Cereal/Pseudocereal Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Leaf Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Shrub Tree no priority species 
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus Leguminosae Winged bean   tropic Asia Legumes Grain/Seeds Leaf Root/Tuber annual perennial Grass Climber no priority species  
Pueraria mirifica Fabaceae Kwao Krua, Butea Superba, Beans   Thailand, Myanmar, Thailand, SE Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber perennial Root/Tuber no priority species  
Pueraria montana var. chinensis (Ohwi) Maesen Fabaceae  Kudzu   southern Japan and southeast China Vegetables,Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Flower Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Climber no priority species 
Punica granatum Punicaceae Pomegranate    mediterranean, west asia Asia, particularly to Iran, Afghanistan and the Himalayas Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Fruit Leaf Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Pyrus pyrifolia  Rosaceae Sand pear   E. Asia - China Fruits/Nuts,Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Raphanus sativus Brassicaceae Radish   North Temperate Zone Vegetables Whole annual Shrub no priority species  
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa Myrtaceae Rhodomyrtus, Rose Myrtle East Asia South East Asian Countries Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Shrub no priority species 
Ricinodendron rautanenii Euphorbiaceae Mongongo nut    Fruits/Nuts Nut   no priority species  
Ricinus communis Euphorbiaceae Lahung (Castor bean), Castor bean, Castor, Castor oil plant.    Mediterranean region, Eastern Africa Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Grain/Seeds perennial Shrub in Thailand: 
Rorippa indica Brassicaceae     Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf Stem/Bark   no priority species  
Rubus alceaefolius Rosaceae Rubus East Asia Vietnam, Indonesia Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Leaf Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Climber no priority species  
Salacca secunda Palmae Salacca  China tropical southeastern Asia     no priority species  
Salacca zalacca Arecaceae Salak Snack Fruit SE Asia Indonesia, Java Grows wild in south-western Java and southern Sumatra, but its precise place place is not known Fruits/Nuts Industrial/Construction Fruit Grain/Seeds Leaf perennial Tree no priority species 
Sandoricum koetjape (Burm.f.) Merr Meliaceae Red santol   Indochina and Peninsular Malaysia Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Sansevieria trifasciata Ruscaceae snake plant   Tropical West Africa  Industrial/Construction Leaf perennial Grass no priority species  
Saurauia sp. Actinidiaceae Saurauia East Asia Vietnam, the Himalaya mountain range, tropic Asia and America Fruits/Nuts Fruit Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Sauropus androgynous Euphorbiaceae Phak waan, katuk, star gooseberry, sweet leaf  SE Asia South America Vietnam, China, Thailand tropical America Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Leaf perennial Tree no priority species  
Sechium edule swartz Cucurbitaceae Chayote, green vegetable   South America Vegetables Fruit perennial Climber no priority species 
Sesamum indicum Pedaliaceae Ngha (Sesame) india india South America Vietnam, China Ethiopia tropical America Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds annual Shrub in Thailand: in Vietnam: 
Sesbania grandiflora Leguminosae Kae Bann  india South America Vietnam, China, Thailand tropical America Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Setaria italica Poaceae Foxtail millet , Bulrush millet   China ? Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forage and browse Grain/Seeds Leaf Stem/Bark annual Grass no priority species 
Simmondsia chinensis  Simmondsiaceae Jojoba    Fruits/Nuts Industrial/Construction Seeds   no priority species 
Smilax glabra Smilaceae Smilax, Glabra greenbrier rhizome  East Asia Vietnam Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber perennial Climber no priority species  
Solanum melongena L. Solanaceae Egg plant - Aubergine - Brinjal   southern India and Sri Lanka Vegetables Fruit perennial Shrub no priority species  
Solanum torvum Solanaceae Egg plant,Tetrongan East Asia Tropics?, SE Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Solanum tuberosum L. Solannaceae  Potato   Western S. America. Legumes Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Grass no priority species 
Spondias cytherea Sonn. Anacardiaceae Jew's plum    Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Strobilanthes cusia (Nees) Kuntze Acanthaceae  Strobilanthes   E. Asia - China, Japan and India Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Leaf Root/Tuber perennial Shrub no priority species  
Styrax tonkinensis Styracaceae  Styrax,    China, Indochina Forest trees Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Syzygium jambos (L.) Alston Myrtaceae Rose apple   South-East Asia, its centre of origin being Malesia Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Tagetes erecta Asteraceae Marigold   Mexico and Central America Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Flower perennial Grass no priority species 
Tamarindus indica Fabaceae Tamarind, Indian date  SE Asia Africa (ostafrika) Unknown. It is believed that is is indigenous to the drier savannas of tropical Africa, but it certainly naturalized lon ago in tropical Asia Legumes Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Forest trees Fruit Grain/Seeds Flower Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Terminalia koernbachii Combretaceae? Papuasia, Okari(Gerneral)  SE Asia SE Asia Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Theobroma cacao Sterculiaceae Cacao   the deep tropical region of the Americas  Industrial/Construction Fruit perennial Tree no priority species 
Thysanolaena latifolia Poaceae Broom grass   Tropical countries in Asia  Industrial/Construction Leaf Whole perennial Grass no priority species  
Tinospora crispa Menispermaceae Borapet Andawali   Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber Stem/Bark perennial Climber no priority species  
Titiacora triandra  Menispermaceae    Thailand, SE Asia Cereal/Pseudocereal Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Tree no priority species  
Toona sinensis Meliaceae Chinese cedar,   China Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Industrial/Construction Forest trees Leaf Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Torreya grandis cv.merrillii Taxaceae Grand torreya seed China  China  Industrial/Construction Forest trees Fruit Grain/Seeds Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species  
Trapa bispinosa Trapaceae water chesnut   S Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Forage and browse Fruit Whole annual Grass no priority species  
Triticale Combretaceae? Triticale   Scotland, Sweden  Industrial/Construction Fruit Stem/Bark perennial Tree no priority species 
Vernonia spp.  Compositae Vernonia, ironweed   S Asia Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds annual perennial Grass Shrub Tree no priority species 
Vigna aconitifolia Leguminosae Fabaceae moth bean    Legumes Grain/Seeds   no priority species  
Vigna angularis Fabaceae Adzuki bean    tropic Asia? Legumes Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds annual Grass Climber no priority species 
Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek Fabaceae Mungbean    Legumes Cereal/Pseudocereal Grain/Seeds annual Shrub in Camb:  
Vigna subterranea Fabaceae Bambara groundnut    West Africa Fruits/Nuts Grain/Seeds or Root/Tuber  Grass no priority species  
Vigna umbellata Fabaceae Tuadang (Bean)   tropic Asia Cereal/Pseudocereal Legumes Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds annual Grass Shrub in Thailand:  
Vigna unguiculata cv. group sesquipedalis (L.) Verdc. Fabaceae Yard-long bean Cowpea   Africa Legumes Vegetables Fruits/Nuts Fruit annual Grass no priority species 
Vitis spp. Vitaceae grape  SE Asia East Asia world Derive from a single wild species, V. vinifera, occuring from north-eastern Afghanistan to the southern borders of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Fruits/Nuts Industrial/Construction Fruit Grain/Seeds perennial Shrub Climber no priority species  
Vitis vinifera L. Vitaceae Grape   North Eastern Afghanistan to the southern borders of the black sea and Caspian Fruits/Nuts Fruit perennial Climber no priority species  
Xanthoceras sorbifolia Sapindaceae Gelbhorn, Shinyleaf Yellowhorn China  China  Industrial/Construction Forest trees Grain/Seeds perennial Shrub Tree no priority species  
Xanthosoma sagittifolium Araceae arrowleaf, elephant ear, tannia, yautia,    tropic america Legumes Root/TuberLeaf perennial  no priority species  
Zanthoxylum nitidum (Roxb.) DC. Rutaceae Wild black chili, Shiny-leaved Prickly Ash  East Asia Vietnam Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Grain/Seeds perennial Shrub no priority species  
Zingiber officinale Zingiberaceae  Ginger   Thailand,SE Asia Vegetables Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Root/Tuber annual Shrub in Camb:  
Zizania?caduciflora Poaceae water bamnoo   Asia Vegetables Stem/Bark perennial Grass no priority species  
Ziziphus jujuba Rhamnaceae Chinese date   China Fruits/Nuts Fruit Grain/Seeds Flower perennial Tree no priority species 
Ziziphus jujuba var.spinosa Rhamnaceae Sour date   China Fruits/Nuts Forest trees Fruit Grain/Seeds Flower perennial Shrub no priority species  
Zizyphus mauritiana Rhamnaceae Indian Jujube; Dunks; Ponsigu? Indian Jujube; Dunks; Ponsigu? Plum, Jujuba SE Asia Vietnam, India, China Probably originates in the Middle East or the Indian subcontinent Fruits/Nuts Medicinal/aromatic/stimulant/beverages Fruit perennial Shrub Tree no priority species